Special Weekend Edition

So, the end of the school year is fully here.  I have so much to do & I just want to nap.  So I did.  I took a long Spring-er’s nap (Not to be confused with Jerry Springer.  What’s he doing now? Never mind, I don’t want to know) and woke up in a bit of a daze.

Since I’ve had a lot of other tasks to complete this week, blogging dropped to the bottom of the list.  Open House & Knott’s for Little, driving to San Clemente for Boy, root canal for husband (of which I did nothing but emotionally support, and did that poorly), Raging Waters for Middle, and EdJoin interactions and meetings and meetings for me.  You know, all in a week’s work.

Another $5,000 spent this week on the house, another $5,000, no biggie.

Then my phone decided it couldn’t handle all the work I’ve been putting it through, and I panicked and bought a new one.  The old one still works, but I can’t handle one. more. thing. right now and I must have a reliable phone.  Growing up, we always had beater 2nd-hand cars that broke down on the side of the road, and I can’t handle that, so I don’t want to relive these memories with a smartphone.  Controlling and paranoid? Maybe. (Go ahead and judge. I won’t know.)

I get all into myself and all my problems and To-Dos and then I see this.  A man-boy? crossing the road on San Dimas and Bonita, with a Darth Vader mask and a Nerf gun.  (I mean, I think I picked the wrong profession.  I want to be THAT carefree.  That amazing, that awesome.  Come on, you know you want that too. You want to be free from social constraints for just a few minutes, and bust out the Darth Vader mask whilst riding your mountain bike across the street.  You with me?)  I expect this in Hollywood, but not San Dimas.  I just smiled.  Cause that’s what I do when I see something out of the ordinary…smile.  It’s a reminder to me, stop taking everything so damn seriously.  The picture is a terrible quality, but, yes, he was wearing a mask and had his Nerf Gun precariously hanging from the side of his bike.



On my drop-off in San Clemente, I stopped for a much-needed beach fix.  (Soak it in with me, friends.  Summer will be here soon.)


This picture above is the construction that is occurring across from the amazing palm tree view in San Clemente.  I wish that was the site of our current construction work. (Oh well, I can dream.)

Here’s the update on the events of this week on the construction.  They’ve made tons of progress.  They work like a well-oiled machine.  They’re also kinda messy.  But I know they’ll clean up after themselves at the end.  (Breathe Joy, remind yourself, that the plank in your own eye is every desk you’ve ever had…messy. But you can find what you need, most of the time.  MOST of the time.)  

Here’s the recap of progress made this week on the house.  I will be so grateful when we can spread out into the studio and our bedroom again.

And the real progress of the real house, not the one with the beach view:

Until next Friday (or Saturday).  Love you loves.

Gastric Bypass Update:

I’ve lost another couple pounds.  It seems crazy and impossible.  I’d still like to make to 100 pounds, but this last 10 lb is stubborn, like me.


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