Construction, Parenting Teenagers, Etc.: The 10th Layer of Hell

Boy’s infant face sums it up.  I called him my little monkey boy when he was this age because he had a party of red hair in the back and no hair on top, like a little old man.

Construction, constant hammering, and sawing.

Little got the stomach flu which involved hot Cheetos and spaghetti and clean-up-episode in the middle of the night. (Best husband cleaned that up.)

I spilled my coffee all over the counter yesterday.  (Best husband cleaned up again.)

I went for an ultrasound and biopsy (routine) yesterday at the gynecologist which involved being probed by strangers in holes that no one should see. Doc said, “If I’m hurting you, you can kick the nurse.”  I said, “You’re closer.”  We all giggled.  I think the nurse was a fan of my comment.  Doc said, “How are you doin’?”  I said, “I hate this, for the record.”

Parenting-fail involved sending Boy outside for a time out, squishing of a piece of his cake, and a few other choice words I won’t repeat here.

Overnight, husband now has decided to go into labor and birth another kidney stone.

This was my recap of the last two days.  This will be in Vlog form because I can’t bear to write it down.  Yesterday at the Department of BS was a nightmare, again.  Again.  Some things were accomplished, but now we have to get Zero Energy to give us the plans they drew of the solar panels and electrical panels, or have them redrawn, at our expense.

Here’s my overview of the progress made outside:


And, next week, I’m applying for a new position at work.  For the record, God DOES give us more than we can handle.  We just have to trust that He’ll help us through it.

Until next Friday. Love you loves.

Gastric Bypass update:

I think my iron levels are still out of whack. I’m taking my supplements, but occasionally I’ll feel a little dizzy, which is a side effect of anemia.  (In my case it could also be anxiety and stress.)  Hopefully, once my options are laid out from my gynecologist, we can get the menses issues under control, and my iron will level out.

I’ve really been trying to not eat and drink at the same time.  I’m supposed to wait 30 minutes after eating to drink anything. So hard.  I honestly can’t remember if I posted this video about why you shouldn’t eat and drink at the same time post gastric bypass.  I think he’s got the best visual illustration I’ve seen:

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