Spinning, Splinters, Spills & Superheros

I’ll get to the commentary about my cat later in the post.  I hope this meme made you laugh.

You’ve done this, maybe not in a very long time, but you’ve done this. Staring up at the sky you think it would be fun to begin to spin round and round and round until you’re dizzy and stumbling, giggling as you try to maintain your balance.

This used to be exciting and thrilling to me, maybe because there was too much control in my life so I desired that something spin out of control, if even for a few brief minutes.

My dear one says I have an EXTRAordinary raging response to spills.  You know those moments when you’re about to get dinner on the table and you walk over to sit down to eat, and someone (who shall remain nameless) spills their sweet liquid all over the floor. I get particularly freaked when the drink contains sugar, because sticky makes my eyes widen and bulge, my pulse increase, and before you know it, I’m gettin’ all hulky with a feeling of Oh-God-Help-Me there’s going to be a squanky (yeah I made that word up) residue for a few days every time I walk by this spot in the kitchen.  Did I say I’m not a big fan of spills?

As we sat down to consult with our contractor earlier this week, I pulled my chair in to get more comfortable and a splinter decided to jump right into my ring finger.  (Yeah, a splinter.  Maybe this was a subtle warning that the weeks of construction are going to hurt a bit.  Thanks, but I’m fully aware, universe, that coming up with $40,000 over the next 8 weeks is kinda going to hurt the pocketbook.  But thanks for the reminder, splinter.  I appreciate that.)   

And then this happens…

****Beware, if you have a weak stomach, you may want to…too late.  Yeah, FrEaKy!

We’re already spending so much money over the next few weeks, and the cat decides to go rogue superhero and attack an alien.  Immediately, my mind goes to the $1100 vet bill (we’ve paid this at the vet, yes, we’re suckers).  I mean, this cat, we affectionately call Libble, which is short for Little, used to be little, but now he’s HUGE and apparently spends his free time combatting aliens in the alley in the middle of the night.  I mean someone’s got to, but really Libble, could you be more careful? We really don’t have the extra cash right now for your Superhero escapades.  Leave the heroing to the cat down the street. Seriously.  (Follow up, because I know you’re wondering:  a few minutes after this photo was taken, he walked over to his food bowl, and ate like normal.  Then we looked at him again, whatever was in his eye or connected to his eye, the freaky alien protrusion, had disappeared.  Wha? Like I said, superhero is the only explanation. This happened yesterday, and today his eye looks perfectly normal.)

What do spinning, splinters, spills and superhero cat incidents have in common?  Control.  I like to feel like I have a semblance of control, ya with me? But lately, I’m reminded that this closed fist I am holding isn’t really helping.  So, I’m going to raise my hands and open them and face whatever this bright world has in store.  Spinning, spills, splinters and all.  When I feel out of control, Sufjan brings me back.  Something about his artistic expression makes me feel a little less out of control and closer to God.  This is a part of his show at Austin City Limits in 2012.  Bucket list.  Austin in 2018?  Who wants to go?  I’m ready for a road trip.


Until next Friday (or the next).  Love you loves.

Gastric Bypass Update:

I’ve been taking my supplements religiously after I found that I’m anemic.  I’ve had less headaches over the last couple weeks and my energy level has increased somewhat. Taking this regimen of supplements is a lifelong commitment post-gastric bypass.

Another Hill to Climb

I thought I was just tired because of the packing up of the entire back of the house and the mental energy required in figuring out a plan for how we’re going to pay for construction.   It turns out there’s a medical reason why I’m tired.  I’m anemic.  My doctor assured me I’m not ‘transfusion’ anemic (uh, reassuring, I think?) but I definitely need more iron.  I’ve been on the fence of anemia for years because the lovely menses, (AKA the monthly time when Aunt Flo comes to visit) has become heavier and that, coupled with my body’s need for absorption of iron at a different rate post gastric bypass, has made the perfect storm of anemia.   I’m exhausted and now there’s a medical reason.  I’ve been continuing to walk, almost daily, but I’ve felt like I’m totally dragging. I just chalked it up to typical mom exhaustion— March Madness, teaching grades 3rd and 5th, managing the lives of 3 children, you know, just, too-much-on-the-plate.  I’m relieved in some ways, to know that hopefully once my iron levels are in check, I’ll feel a little more spunk.

In other news, the saga with the house continues.  We’ve basically packed up our bedroom and the music studio into a storage pod and put everything else in the front of the house.  We’re definitely in close quarters.  It looks like we may be doing this for 3 months.  I’m hoping that’s a realistic timeline.  Meanwhile, we’re considering litigation against Zero Energy.  It’s a hot mess.  Now you feel anemic, right?

The picture is a hill that I used to avoid.  It’s quite steep, up Allen Avenue toward San Dimas Canyon.  I dreaded that hill before and I’d walk a different path.  Now I cruise up that sucker several days a week.  I thought I’d share my accomplishment.  It’s hard to see how steep it is from the photo.  IMG_1549

I will conquer this construction hill, this anemia hill, and the 2016-17 school year hill, one day at a time, with lots of naps.  Thank God for naps.  Anyone?  I give you permission to nap.  Let’s make a nap revolution.  I’m in.

I’m just too tired to write more.

Until next Friday.  Love you loves.