Two Feet Converts to Miles

So, we’ve all got these things in our lives that just take 2 feet to fix.  First of all, let’s agree on an image of two feet.  Pick one.  Two feet is the distance of my face to the pan of sizzling fried bacon pan.  Two feet is the distance from my mid-thigh to my foot.  Two feet is the width of my pillow.  Two feet is less than the width of most doors. But the movement of just two feet can be paralyzing, debilitating, and make you want to roll over and throw the covers over your head and go back to sleep.  Especially when the wall of your bedroom (you know, that place where you sleep) has to be moved in two feet.

Yes, you heard that right, two feet.  That’s the requirement that the County of Los Angeles Building Code Department (Shout out, for the record, I want to punch you in the neck right now DLA BCD!) has required we move our wall in…two feet.  It doesn’t seem like a big deal when those two feet are any of the examples above because there’s no monetary requirement attached. But moving the wall those two feet is going to cost us, big big big money.  Big.

It all started when were handed a nice little bit of bonus stress (just what I’ve always wanted, I just love bonus stress, YIPPEE!) in January of 2016.  (Oh wait, it’s now January 2017, right?  Just checking.) Four months prior to January 2016, coming off one of the hottest 2015 summers on record and the air conditioning bill to prove it, I was fed up, & I wanted a change. I wanted to pay less for electricity.  I was beginning the new school year and told Steve, “We have to do something different.”  (My persistence and determination, in most cases is a blessing, in this case, it has not proven to be a blessing, just the opposite.  Curse has come to mind many times, and since we’re being honest cursing has occurred as a result.)  So in August of 2015, I did my research with Southern California Edison and began looking at energy efficient options and contacted one of their vendors for a home energy efficiency plan.  I wanted a lowdown of WHY our bill was so expensive and how we could change it.  Hindsight is 20/2o.  If only I hadn’t been so hasty and determined, we would not be dealing with this Two Foot Nightmare.  Consequently, we’ve had to involve and pay two architects, a surveyor, an attorney and a contractor.  (How many people does it take to move a wall in two feet?)  The construction hasn’t even started yet and probably won’t for several months.  Good times.  (You wish you were me right?)

This, all because I decided we HAD to save money on electricity and that solar panels would be our best option.  Those are the solar panels up above my head in the picture, that we STILL haven’t been able to use because they’re on the unpermitted part of our house. Brilliant.

Speaking of two feet, my Little and Middle are headed to winter camp today.  They are hoping for at least two feet of the powdery white stuff.  Last night I helped the girls pack for winter camp.  It’s fru-EEZing at our house today in SoCal.  I thought Santa Ana winds were hot winds, well, not today:

Moderate to strong northeast winds late through Saturday.  High pressure will settle into the Great Basin this morning with strong north winds forming aloft. This will set up a moderate to strong Santa Ana wind event, affecting much of Los Angeles and Ventura counties. Winds should exceed 60 mph at times in the mountains and Santa Clarita Valley, with gusts to 40 or 50 mph in the other valleys and coasts. Downed power lines and trees are possible, especially considering the loose or saturated soils caused by the recent rains.

Side note lecture: (Girls, you better wear all those clothes we packed, leg warmers, scarves, snow boots, wool socks, beanies, gloves, winter coats because it’s going to be butt cold where you’re going.  You better look like the youngest whiny brother from The Christmas Story when you walk outside at camp, because I don’t want you coming back sick.)

Two feet of snow is WAY better than moving our bedroom wall in two feet.  For now, I’ll just do what I’ve been doing.  Living life and lovin’ on my family, and try not to sweat the two feet, even though two feet seems like miles.

Until next Friday. Love you loves.

Gastric Bypass Update:

My 1-year Surgiversary is coming in 7 weeks.  I’m looking forward to seeing where my weight loss is at the end of one year.  The two feet I moved in having the GP surgery has converted to miles.   I’ve literally and figuratively moved miles this year.  I’m grateful.


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