Blast to My Not-too-Distant Past

So, I’ve had several people ask me WHY I decided to have gastric bypass.  I tell ya, after 10 months post surgery, I still think it was a good decision for me.  Is it the best decision for everyone presented with the option?  I can’t decide that, but for me, it was.  I have more mobility, feel better in my saggy skin, and I’m way less of a couch potato poang-chair-white__57652_PE163266_S4.JPG(Actually my Ikea Poang chair is my preference to a couch, in case you were wondering.)  I’m celebrating the fact that I’ve gotten my butt up out of that chair more times than I wanted to this year, and I’m better for it.  I still go there and watch tons of BBC shows but, usually not until I’ve met my step goal for the day.  The best tool for exercise for me has been the FitBit.  I think I’m more competitive than I’d like to admit and having a daily goal is a huge motivator. 

Over the next few weeks, up to my surgery 1-year-anniversary, Surgiversary, I’m going to post a few highlights from the past and reflect on how I was feeling over the past year & a half.  The link below was my VERY FIRST BLOG POST—EVER.

The Beginning

Until next Friday.  Love you loves.

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