The Pumpkin Cookies of Greatness

Let’s spur on the fall weather my So Cal friends.  This 95 degree day on October 20, is kinda well, yuck.   I want fall! I’ve purchased the foaming fall soaps from Bath and Body Works in hopes that making my hands smell like vanilla and pumpkins will somehow make the fall season stay for awhile.

I have come up with  a better solution.  If we all converge and make The Pumpkin Cookies at the same time, maybe fall will have no choice, but to come and smell these alluring cookies, take a bite and stay for awhile.

I forgot that I used to make these cookies. I have no idea where I got the recipe, but a friend of mine from my high school days, (Deanna!), said she lost the recipe and requested it.  I was like, “Hmmm? What? I used to make these?  Well, I’ll look in my handy dandy recipe box and see if the recipe is there.”  Sure enough, boohya, recipe found, just were I’d normally file cookies, under the C.  The Pumpkin Cookies, as they’re called, because once you have these, you do not need another recipe for pumpkin cookies.  The Pumpkin Cookies are all you’ll ever need in the pumpkin+cookie department.  (Yes, this is an actual department.)

Here it is, once you read the recipe, you must agree to make these. Look into my eyes, and say, “I will make these cookies. I will make these cookies. I will make these cookies.”


Now, you’ve committed.

Enjoy.  Take some cookies to your neighbors or a party this weekend.  We all need a little lovin’.  I know I do.  Right now, I just want to be warm and cozy.  I want to be home.  So Home We’ll Go.  Have a listen.  It’s a good one.

Don’t let your head hang low
You’ve seen the darkest skies I know
Let your heart run child like horses in the wild
So take my hand and home we’ll go
The sun it glows like gold
Feeling warm as a burning coal
Let your soul shine bright like diamonds in the sky
So take my hand and home we’ll go
Home we’ll go, home we’ll go
Home we’ll go, home we’ll go

In all the chaos of the past few weeks, I’m trying to take a friend’s advice, “Let it all roll off, like Teflon,” (Shout out to Lisa!)   So, don’t let your heads hang low.   Take my hand, make The Pumpkin Cookies, and hug the people you love.  Now if only these cookies could change the world.  We can hope.

Until next Friday.  Love you loves.


Gastric Bypass Update:

On October 23, I’ll be at 7 months post-surgery. Whaaat?  It actually seems like a lot longer than that to me.  So much has happened in the last 7 months, so much weight lost, so much change.  I never thought I’d be able to lose weight again.  It’s been dramatic for me.  But, at the same time, I’m still me… Joy…

And in case you were wondering, I DID eat 3 of The Pumpkin Cookies (and I enjoyed every second of it, yes, I said seconds because it only took a few to scarf ’em up), even though they’re not gluten free.  My Cypress friends are going to get to enjoy them tomorrow at work.  TGIF!

…after making and eating them, I didn’t feel guilty at all.  Now THAT’S progress.

Later, I went for a long walk.  That’s progress too.  This time 7 months ago, I wasn’t exercising at all.  Recently, I bought an awesome fanny pack hydration belt so I can carry a water bottle hands free (and bonus!) there’s a pocket for my phone.  It was a good investment, way cheaper than a gym membership. Listening to music keeps me motivated and makes me walk faster.  I’ve listened to all the electronic dance music stations on Amazon Music.  It’s my favorite walking genre.  Keep on walkin’ (in the free world). See what I did there? Rockin’ – Walkin’ Love the word play.  Back at ya’ Neil.

Had to add this:

So much jammage here.  They’re called Pearl Jam for a reason.


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