A Few of My Favorite Things

We’ve discussed this before, that there are many things that are not my favorites.  Days like today where the humidity spikes and I’m dripping as I go from one destination to another, not my favorite.  Drivers that speed up to get in front of me and then make an abrupt right turn without pulling over courteously or signaling, not a big fan of that.  I’m also not a fan of the Arrow Holders, you know what I’m talking about…those people that stand on the corner and hold the arrow pointing you to a business or the newest housing development.  Mostly I’m not a fan of the bosses who employ the Arrow Holders.  Why do we need this?  How do you get one of these jobs?   And does anyone ever follow the arrow ———->?

So today, I was running late, as usual, to my acupuncture appointment, because I always underestimate how much time it’s going to take me to get there.  As I entered the van, I realized that my gas light was on empty.  Conundrum: Do I make myself later by stopping for gas, or cross my fingers and hope that I can make it there on the fumes?   The phrase Gas Half Empty came to mind.  I’ve been living figuratively the past few weeks with my tank on empty and I just keep going, hoping, that I’ll make it to my destination, all the while stressed that I might not make it, that I might actually run out of gas.  If history repeats itself, what running out of gas looks like for me, is a terrible head cold or sinus infection.

I decided today, rather than focus on the things that are not my favorite, I’m going to focus on a few of my favorite things <<insert Julie Andrews cue here>> and lift myself up.

Potatoes- scalloped, hashed, souped, fried, and mashed.  My mama’s mashed potatoes are the best. My favorite.  She grew up on a farm in the community of Savoy, Arkansas.  At the age of 9, when her mother passed away, she took on the role of cooking and cleaning for her dad and two brothers.  Every morning, she’d wake up and cook a farm fresh breakfast- eggs, bacon, toast, sometimes biscuits and gravy.  (I still remember being horrified that my grandpa Roland put tomato slices on his cereal.  What?  He was one of those, “It all goes to the same place” kind of eaters.  Practical and matter of fact.) At 9, she was the caretaker.  Her childhood was forever altered at the time her mother passed.  I’ve learned so many things from my mom.  She’s my favorite mama.  One of the things she can do like nobody’s business, is make some mean mashed potatoes.  Here’s how she does it:  She peels the potatoes, as many as will fit in a big 5 quart pot, probably about 3 pounds of potatoes.  She slices the potatoes into half inch pieces and boils them until tender.  Then she drains them and saves a little of the starchy water for later.  Using a hand mixer, she adds in a stick of butter and it melts as she blends the potatoes with the mixer, slowly adding in milk and some of the starchy water.  Add salt and pepper to taste and my mama’s mashed potatoes will make you feel like you’re in heaven.  Those potatoes were weaved into dinner after dinner throughout my childhood.  Whenever my mama makes them, I feel loved.  Thanks mama.  They’re my favorite.

The last time I cut potatoes, this is what happened. It’s like God was saying, eat potatoes.  (At least, that’s how I interpreted it. If you say so God, okay, I’m listening.)


Next, the colorful people are my favorite.  Here’s one example:  I’ll tell you about a man that used to come in to Cappuccino Charlie’s almost every day when I worked there.  He called himself JA, and when I asked him what JA stood for, he said, “Jelly Ass.” Alrighty then.  Every day, he’d come in and make random comments, buy his cup of coffee, sit for awhile and look awkwardly at me and all the other customers walking through.  He talked about auras and said many nonsensical things.  He said my aura was orange.  Alrighty then.  He always wore these shoes that hearkened back to the days when people used cobblers on a regular basis.  They reminded me of the shoes that Elves made in the Elves and the Shoemaker.  These shoes where slip-ons with a heel, yes, like a 1-inch heel. Yeah, really.  He walked all over La Verne, San Dimas and Pomona in those shoes.  I’d often see him when I wasn’t working, walking around town in those same shoes.  JA made an impression.  I’ve always liked the quirky awkward types, maybe because that’s how I feel most of the time.  JA was unique.  Unique is my favorite.

The beach, specifically,

Crystal Cove.  The pictures say it all.  Go here.  It will be your favorite.

My favorite Etsy store is called For Strange Women.  The name intrigued me (because I’m strange) and when I went to the online store I became totally obsessed with trying out all the wonderful scents.  (I had to order samples. My secret is out…all my friends will be receiving my own hand-picked selection of scents from this site. If you’re offended that it comes from For Strange Women, don’t be.  You know I like you.) My absolute favorite so far is the scent, Decadence and Debauchery, doesn’t the description captivate you? il_fullxfull-197737942_33d10aa1-d748-4b04-8b7e-d84c475881f8_grande

This botanical base of immortelle petals, resins, and violet leaves is smothered in smooth layers of tobacco and vanilla bourbon. Ripe blood oranges, bergamot, and oponopax round out the top of this intense and androgynous concoction, suitable for burlesque beauties, Victorian darlings, and vaudeville sensations alike.



Here’s another of my favorite scents, Karma Kreme from Lush.  02145It’s really the best smelling cream.  I’m buying this for myself for my birthday.  I thought you all should know. If you didn’t know this about me, patchouli is my favorite.  I’ve been attracted to this scent for years and it turns out patchouli has so many uses.  I feel so happy when I use it.  Patchouli love.

Shoes… my new favorites are Fly London.  I just picked up these fantastic red ankle boots.  I can’t wait to wear them more regularly, once the October heat moves on and I can put my sandals away for awhile.  These boots are so delicious.  They’re my favorite.





Oh my gosh, tape- washi tape, masking tape, duct tape, shipping tape, I love it all.  (Scotch tape is my least favorite, because it’s boring.)  I like the colorful tapes.  If I’m going to have to handle and hang the paper that goes through these hands everyday, I might as well decorate-the-hell out of it.  Here is a samplin’ of my tape collection.  And that ain’t even all of it.  I know, you can say it, I’ve got prollems.


Coconut anything, rose oil, essential oils, freezer meals…

and oh my gosh, friends!  You’re all my favorites.  What would life be without friends?  I love you all.  I miss you all.  Let’s get together.  I’ll make some of my mama’s mashed potatoes.

Until next Friday.  Love you loves.


Gastric Bypass Update:

Kinda freakin’

I’ve GAINED a few pounds.  This is distressing me.

I’m trying not to obsess.

But, if you’ve seen my tape collection, you know that obsessions come easy.

I’m walking more that I have in years.

Does that count?

Uh, yeah, Joy.  It counts.

You’re going to be fine.

Thanks. I needed that pep talk.

You’re welcome.



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